The Giving Tree DC Weed Dispensary

TreeHouse DC Weed Dispensary

They also give back to the community, host events & support local artists. Their staff is knowledgeable & friendly, I highly recommend.

The most coveted scenario for these companies is that DC gets its long-awaited statehood. In the meantime, they are operating in a gray area that is still considered illegal by some members of Congress and the Metropolitan Police Department, who have raided storefronts with frequency throughout 2023.

Rooted in Quality: Your Journey at TreeHouse DC Weed Dispensary

If you want to buy DC Weed Dispensary without getting caught, make sure you are purchasing from an Initiative 71-compliant business and are not bringing the cannabis back over state lines. If you are traveling to DC from a legal marijuana state, be sure to find a 420 friendly hotel that allows you to smoke on the balcony or in the outdoor spaces.

In the woods near Monroe, Washington, there is a unique retreat that calls itself “a gypsy lovin’ tree house joint.” It is run by Tracy Rice, who owns three beautiful 420-friendly tree houses. The tallest, dubbed the Hashtag Treehouse, can sleep up to three people and is 11 feet off the ground!

The property has a breakfast bar and plenty of places to enjoy the outdoors. Rice encourages guests to smoke their weed in any of the trees or anywhere else on the property, which is dotted with wild turkeys, ducks, rabbits, a swearing African grey parrot named Juma, four dogs named Chompy, Poncho, Floof, and Bowlseye, two fainting goats called Homie and Roanie, two alpacas named Bong and Dab, and a rooster named Rocky.

TreeHouse DC
1922 I St NW 2nd Fl, Washington, DC 20006, United States
Phone: +12028028544