The Benefits of a Garden Office

Garden office is a dedicated space in your garden that’s used as an area for working. Outdoor Building Group spaces are generally a lot less expensive than a standard house extension and don’t require planning permission as long as they meet certain criteria (see below).

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Having a separate workspace away from your home is incredibly beneficial, not only because it helps you to focus on work, but it also makes a huge difference to your wellbeing by eliminating distractions like family members or pets. You can hone your creative processes in a garden office and enjoy being surrounded by natural elements like birdsong or the wind blowing through the trees.

Choose ergonomic furniture to help you stay comfortable throughout the day and add personal touches that make it your own. For example, a throw rug for you to sit on, some flowers or even family photographs can make it more enjoyable and motivating to work from your garden office.

Colour is also a key element in the design of a garden office; green for tranquillity and balance, pale blues for productivity and clarity, soft coral pinks for creativity and peach for energy and inspiration. Be sure to consider the lighting in your garden office too – the right lighting can significantly impact the way you feel in a room.

When researching your garden office, look out for suppliers who offer a fully-inclusive service from planning to installation. This makes the process more manageable and reduces the likelihood of hidden costs popping up later on. When comparing prices, be sure to take into account any additional features you may wish to include such as flooring, heating or cooling.