The Advantages and Disadvantages of a Temporary Workers Agency

Temporary workers agency provide short-term employees to help companies cope with workload fluctuations and seasonal demands. They also perform many of the administrative tasks associated with hiring temporary workers, including background checks and drug testing. These services are typically provided at a fee, although employers may negotiate with the temp agency to reduce or waive their fees in certain situations. agencies typically have a pool of employees who are qualified for basic jobs, such as office support staff, warehouse workers and security guards. Some specialize in more specific fields, such as natural gas pipeline safety engineers, data entry specialists and paralegals. Others focus on a particular industry, such as healthcare or manufacturing.

Because they are exclusive employees of the temp agency, not the host company, temp employees don’t feel as incentivized to do a great job for their assignment at your business. Moreover, they might think their stint at your company is just one of many stops on their way to another temporary assignment.

Temporary vs. Permanent Employment: The Pros and Cons

Since temp workers have to go back and forth between different assignments, they may not keep in close contact with the temp agency. This can disrupt child care arrangements and any other plans that require advance notice of the day they are going to work. In addition, temp workers are often not familiar with the policies and procedures of your company, which can lead to confusion or errors in their duties. This could also impact safety, especially for positions like warehouse help and labor, where they have to follow standard safety procedures at each job site.