The following publications are a mixture of WE-authored and co-authored reports and public statements around a range of important topics in the women’s empowerment and LBT space. The future of women’s advocacy is dependent on all women having a voice in all areas of development that may affect them and these reports are a primary channel we rely on to publicize these timely viewpoints.

Media Content Analysis

An investigation into the disparity that exists between media coverage of issues related to gay men and those related to lesbians, bisexual and transgender (LBT) women.

The Gay Agenda

This manifesto—a product of numerous research papers, consultations and surveys— presents boldly and unapologetically a vision of an LGBT-inclusive Jamaica.

The Tambourine Army

A Submission to the National Minimum Wage Advisory Commission for the Increase in the Current Minimum Wage and the Proposal for a Guaranteed Minimum Income Initiative for People Affected by Poverty.

100 Days of WE

A report on the initiatives undertaken by Women’s Empowerment for Change since its May 15, 2015 official launch.

Women Pastors Urged to Make a Difference

A statement applauding Reverend Karen Kirlew’s appointment as first female President of the Jamaica Baptists Union. Rev. Kirlew now stands beside Rev. Christine Gooden Benguche and Rev. Phyllis Smith Seymour as denomination leaders within the Jamaica Church Community.