POSCA PC-3M Marker

The fine-point Posca pc3m is the quintessential creative tool used by connoisseurs. Its precise, assured stroke allows you to customise, create, decorate and mark anything that inspires you. Ideal for designers to add colour or shading to plans; fans of scrapbooking and card-making, who use it to write on glass or make beautiful table settings; keen decorators who upscale objects and furniture; surfers and skaters for marking up their boards; everyday creative people for light-filled drawings with deep colours and many more!

Creative Projects with Posca PC-3M Markers

The odorless, water-based paint is opaque and can be used on a variety of surfaces. It can be removed from non-porous surfaces like glass and chalkboards but is permanent on porous material such as canvas, paper, wood, ceramics and plaster. POSCA markers are Xylene-free and water-resistant and dry quickly.

Available in 8 different nib sizes, there is a POSCA marker to suit every creative need. From the precise bullet tip of the pc-3m to the broad chisel tip of the pc-8k, the possibilities are endless. ACMI-certified non-toxic, the ink is mixable, layer-able and dries quickly so it’s perfect for indoor or outdoor projects.