Phone Fraud Detection

Phone fraud detection is the process of identifying fraudulent behavior in calls and other communications. It looks for patterns in user behavior, payment history, and more to identify suspicious activity. Aura’s phone number reputation & risk scoring analyzes mobile, landline, and virtual (VOIP) numbers to determine their risk of being involved in fraudulent behavior. This allows us to detect patterns of suspicious behavior and warn users.

Fraudulent phone calls are a big problem for the telecommunication industry, and they cause millions of dollars in financial losses every year. Using AI and machine learning, researchers have been developing methods to identify these types of calls. The latest technologies include passive voice biometric verification, which verifies a caller’s identity over the course of a conversation rather than only at the beginning.

Guarding Your Lines: A Comprehensive Guide to Phone Number Fraud Prevention in Business

Scammers can take advantage of our trusting nature over the phone to get personal information and money from unsuspecting consumers. Here are a few key warning signs to watch out for:

A caller asks for personal information that they should already have. AARP recommends that you never provide this kind of information over the phone and always contact companies directly using their official numbers.

A scammer might try to trick you into downloading a fake app that could allow them to hack your device. If an app asks for permissions that are too broad, such as accessing your location, turning on your microphone, or reading your screen, don’t download it and change your passwords immediately. This can help prevent hackers from getting 2FA codes that can give them complete access to your accounts.