Menthol E-Liquid

Described as fresh and invigorating, mint and menthol flavoured e liquids have claimed one of the top spots amongst the most popular vaping flavors. These cool sensations are sought after by millions of vapers as a way to keep their palette happy and refreshed.

Menthol e liquid is also used in combinations with a variety of other fruits to deliver an icy edge to a range of different flavours. In its purest form, menthol e-liquid provides a refreshing and cooling sensation to the lips, throat and lungs. When mixed with fruit or tobacco flavours, it can help to create a cool and refreshing vape experience that is loved by many vapers.

Chill Out with Menthol E-Liquid: A Refreshing Experience

However, despite its popularity among several groups, the use of menthol e liquid has come under scrutiny. This is because menthol has been linked to increased puff patterns and the inhalation of toxic microparticles by e-cigarette users (Kaur et al, 2020).

The use of menthol in ENDS has also been linked to increases in perceived enjoyment and desire to smoke, but has not been associated with changes in behavioral intentions or smoking cessation in adult menthol smokers. However, a recent study has shown that limiting the availability of menthol-flavored e-cigarettes can significantly reduce youth initiation and may be a viable strategy to limit youth uptake and usage while not negatively impacting adult menthol smokers.

Using a robotic system that mimics human breathing and vaping behavior, the authors demonstrated that commercially-available e-cigarette liquids with menthol produced significantly more toxic microparticles than menthol-free e-liquids, regardless of age, gender, race or pack-years of smoking history. Additionally, there were no significant treatment effects in the results of subjective experience or puff patterns items, suggesting that order but not flavor impacted outcomes.