How to Do an Email Address Lookup

Email address lookup is a quick way to verify the identity of an email sender or account holder. It can help organizations connect more easily with buyers and avoid cybersecurity risks. There are many ways to find an email address, from using free search tools to social media. However, the most accurate and fastest way is to use a reverse email lookup service, such as Spokeo.

Is there a free email address lookup?

Spokeo uses its extensive databases to connect an email address with other up-to-date information about a person. It will search more than 12 billion records to get you the most accurate results. It’s also much cheaper than other services, with plans starting at around $20 a month.

Another way to guess an email address is by looking at the structure of the company’s domain. If there’s a specific pattern that the organization uses, you can likely guess their email address by searching for it on Google.

You can also try using a browser extension like Clearbit to speed up the process of finding an email address. This tool will give you a list of all possible combinations of an email permutation and show the name of the person that owns it. However, you should note that it’s not a foolproof method and should be used with caution.

Detailed searches provided by email lookup services are useful for investigating or connecting with people online. Some even delve into criminal records, though it’s important to follow laws regarding this type of information gathering.