Hire a Speeding Ticket Lawyer in NYC

New York City is a car-based society, and many people find that it’s necessary for their jobs. With over 3 million registered vehicles in the state and even more entering each day, traffic regulations are crucial for safety and order. Unfortunately, that also means that police officers are constantly on the lookout for drivers who violate the law, and they often end up with the ticket.

A Speeding Ticket Lawyer in NYC arries significant penalties including fines and points being added to your record. In addition, the accumulation of 11 points in an 18 month period can result in your license being suspended by the DMV.

Speeding Ticket Troubles? Consult a Lawyer in NYC

These penalties are not only financially costly but can affect job security for professional drivers and those who have their insurance coverage through work. The best way to fight a traffic ticket is to hire a dedicated, experienced NYC Speeding Ticket Lawyer who will help you avoid the consequences and fees associated with the violation.

Our traffic attorneys can review your case and determine if there are any mitigating circumstances that could lead to the dismissal of the charge. They can highlight any possible inconsistencies with the officer’s testimony or examine how the radar gun was calibrated. In many cases, we can also negotiate with the prosecutor to get the charges reduced or dismissed altogether. Our firm is available to discuss your specific case any time, 24 / 7. Just give us a call.