Orange Lights

During the 16 days of activism, organisations and individuals around the world conceptualise and execute various activities all in the hope of spreading awareness of and bringing an end to Gender-Based Violence and its intersectionalities. #OrangeLights aims to raise awareness about GBV and move each of us to action as we work toward reducing violence.

The event brings people together to discuss solutions to the pervasive issue of Violence Against Women in a safe, inclusive space using different forms of art.
Women’s Empowerment for Change is led by women and the work WE do is primarily focused on increasing the participation of LBT women in social justice advocacy, reducing homophobia among caregivers and duty bearers and creating alternate, safe spaces for LBT women. Events like #OrangeLights give us the opportunity to not only raise awareness of GBV but to explore the intersectionalities which exacerbate the problem for women in general and LBT women in particular.

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