PRiDEJA Calendar Event

During Pride Week (August 2017), We-Change hosts a calendar event dubbed “This Side of Paradise” – a show of artistic expression that features readings, poetry, drama, and song. The show is typically headlined by queer women in the arts field with support from other artists and allies. Stacy-Ann Chin and D’bi Young have been headliners of the event.


Every year the theme and concept for #HerLegacy changes but the event has always aimed to highlight the work being done by women in society who are contributing to social justice advocacy and the fight against gender-based violence.

Orange Lights

During the 16 days of activism, organisations and individuals around the world conceptualise and execute various activities all in the hope of spreading awareness of and bringing an end to Gender-Based Violence and its intersectionalities. #OrangeLights aims to raise awareness about GBV and move each of us to action as we work toward reducing violence.