Regional Integration & Development

The Associate Director of Regional Integration and Development leads the Planning, Monitoring, Evaluation, and Learning(PMEL) functions of WE-Change.

Core to these functions are:

  • Development of a PMEL Protocol, monitoring and evaluation tools and reporting formats; PMEL coordination: keep track of all PMEL activities of the new programmes; be responsible for the learning agendas; Coordinate research and keep track of all other relevant studies on gender and development in the region.
  • Lead the analysis, reporting and dissemination of the PMEL data, and promotes linking and learning within the programmes, and contribute to sharing lessons learned with parties beyond the programme.


  • Organize capital campaign strategy and execution, setting communication and funding goals.
  • Coordinate identification and relationship building with key donors and groups.

Regional Integration

  • Information and data collection to demonstrate achievements and identify learnings and issues to feed into regional committees
  • Communicate with and build relationships at regional levels
  • Liaise with regional stakeholders on integrated approaches for gender-related and human rights work.
  • Act as a regional contact point for joint capacity building and training initiatives
  • Conceptualize activities that can be implemented at the regional level

The Regional Integration & Development department is led by Paige Andrew.