Our collaborative and dynamic departments work within Jamaica’s LBT communities to offer a range of high-impact programming that empowers LBT women to participate in regional social justice advocacy with the goal of effecting change at both the local and national level.  The below outlines our current offerings utilized to engage the most relevant change agents, opinion leaders, and decision makers.


The Regional Integration & Development department leads the Planning, Monitoring, Evaluation and Learning functions of WE-Change. This department serves the critical need of informing our organisation’s external engagement strategies.

Gender & Research

The Gender and Research department provides strategic and technical advice to our organization to develop and execute programmes within the context of international commitments regarding gender parity and the development of women and girls in Jamaica.

Communications & Social Media

The Communications & Social Media department works collaboratively with all organisations to shape a public narrative that promotes the human rights and dignity of all women, including and especially the LBT community.

Policy & Advocacy

The Policy and Advocacy department leads the development of policy positions, designs and organization-wide advocacy initiatives to protect and promote the rights of all LBT women and girls across Jamaica.

Youth & Outreach

The Youth and Outreach Department provides programming to engage LBT young women in political activities—from advocacy and public affairs activities— and also serves as the volunteer recruitment arm of our organization.