COVID-19 Conversations

WE have been working alongside some brilliant Jamaicans to have discussions about the impact of COVID-19 on various sectors, from the health sector to the education system, the economy to the impact the local outbreak continues to have on women and other vulnerable communities. Kick back, relax and have a look at some of our past discussions over on Youtube. You can also see the specific conversations we have had thus far below and keep up to date on the upcoming sessions over on our social media pages.

COVID-19 Conversation on the Economy

Jamaican women and COVID-19 

Rethinking Education 

COVID-19 and Health 

COVID-19 and the Jamaican Labour Market


Written by WE-Change

WE-Change is a community-based organisation committed to increasing the participation of women in social justice advocacy in Jamaica and the Caribbean. WE-Change was launched on May 15, 2015 out of a need to address and respond to the 'invisibilisation' of lesbians, bisexual and queer (LBQ) women in the LGBTQ rights movement in Jamaica. The organisation is women-led, women-focused and intersectional in its approach to advocacy, and guided by the outcomes of the Beijing 1995 Platform for Action.

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