Journey with us as WE reflect on our work since our inception in 2015. WE’ve captured some of our big moments, from our Launch at JFLAG’s Larry Chang Human Rights Symposium to our work with the Tambourine Army and all we’ve done with our volunteers and partners over the years.

2015 to 2020 had its challenges but WE’ve grown through it with the help of our core team, our Technical Advisors, our partners, our funders, our volunteers and ambassadors, local and regional activists and scholars and MOST importantly the LBQ Jamaican women who have supported our work over the years.

Thank you for staying the course with WE and helping us shape and sharpen our advocacy. Let’s see what the next 5 years has in store.


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Here’s one of our Directors, Paige Andrew sending a tribute to the WE team. To current & past team members. To all the people who have worked to get us to 5. Thank you. ‬

WE also used the opportunity to launch our research on the Health seeking behaviour of LBTQ women in Jamaica with focus on their Sexual and Reproductive health, and to launch our database of LBTQ-friendly service providers!


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