WE-Change Support for the Gay Agenda

WE-Change Support for the Gay Agenda

“We-Change commits unbridled support to the development of a Gay Agenda for Jamaica and pledges to contribute to its advancement, in respect to the constituents whom the organisation serves. WE recognises it is important that as our government works in partnership with the private and third sectors to push the National Strategic Development Action Plan, the positioning of the voices of Lesbian, Bisexual and women of Trans experience is critical to the conversation and actioning around the actualisation of the Vision (2030) – “Making Jamaica a place to work, live, do business and raise families.” The creation of a Gay Agenda will allow for the different sub-groups of the LGBT community to for themselves, collectively articulate a vision that will satisfy their desired quality of life.

WE-Change was borne out of the need to address socio-economic challenges affecting LBT women and since inception, has worked towards training them and allies in advocacy techniques, strategies, legal and financial literacy and challenging Gender Based Violence. Through our work, WE have conversely been impacted by the individuals who engage the organisation and constantly re-tune our strategies and add dimensions to our scope of advocacy. It is our operational ethos to apply an intersectional approach to women’s advocacy, this is done in acknowledgement of women’s issues being typically cross-cutting in nature; additionally, the work and importance of allies is recognised and embraced. This manifesto will not only provide a framework within which advocacy should be primarily centred, but demonstrate an emboldened community, working to wholly access their human rights.

The future for women’s advocacy requires and is dependent on ALL women having a voice in any area of development that may affect them and WE will act as a conduit through which these voices are channeled. This Gay Agenda will not only inform our advocacy, but  bring us to closer with the LBT and ally communities and allow for more broadly informed strategies; it represents a renewed charge towards securing satisfactory socio-economic for well-being for LGBT people.”

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